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Practice for psychotherapy and Mental Coaching (Non-medical practioner for psychotherapy)

Welcome! You can find out here about my work as a therapist working in a psychotherapy practice (in accordance with the Alternative Medical Practitioners Act). As an alternative medical practitioner of psychotherapy in Stuttgart, I have many years of experience with mental work. On the „Mental Coaching“ page, you will find information on the overall approach and objectives of this form of professional consultancy. Whether for a period of career transition or for your private life – I can help you to identify your strengths, reinforce your self-confidence and develop a positive relationship with yourself. I apply systemic, behavioural and talk therapy methods. I combine philosophical approaches from both the West and the Far East, including meditation practices, in order to meet the needs of different principles of life.
In many cases it is helpful to have a psychotherapeutic approach that involves your current situation and desires for change. During the course of the therapy, you will come to realise how many issues can be viewed from different perspectives and you will be able to use the knowledge you acquire throughout your life.
If your current problem is related to your relationship, you can consider couples counselling, where many frequently occurring issues can be identified. In couples counselling, you will be treated as much as individuals as a couple. If you are open to what you learn, you can profit greatly from it. If you are looking for a professional who will listen to you, who will take your requests seriously and who has plenty of experience, you have come to the right place.
If couples counselling is not enough to meet your needs, you can consider trying
couples therapy.

Your place – your time

The following questions will be discussed via phone because the answers can be different for every individual and have individual meaning:
– What happens in a psychotherapy session?
– What are the benefits of psychotherapy and how does it help my situation?
– What does the process of psychotherapy look like?
– How do I know, that I might need psychotherapy?

Paartherapie Psychotherapie Stuttgart Luis Kimyon
Paartherapie Psychotherapie Stuttgart Luis Kimyon
Paartherapie Stuttgart Psychotherapie Luis Kimyon
Paartherapie Psychotherapie Stuttgart Luis Kimyon

Psychotherapy session via phone

Access to your therapist wherever you are.
1. You can be anonymous throughout the whole process. Please let me know by just telling me „I’d like this to be an anonymous counseling session“ (We’d have to talk about the payment beforehand).
2. Your appointments are flexible. No time spent in waiting rooms and on the road to the practice.
3. Your place of the session is flexible. You have access to a therapy session from home. (Please mind the time lag, if present)
4. There are plenty reasons one cannot physically go to a therapist. It is common practice though to use psychotherapy via phone. It is possible and beneficial in person with direct contact between therapist and client but also through the phone.

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