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Couple therapy | Couple counseling | Marriage counseling

I have been consulting couples for a many years in couples therapy. Here you will get the space and the possibility to find our wich solutions and ideas there are to live in a fulfilled and happy relationship. As your therapist I will reflect your behavior. I will bring you closer to each other, I will make you understand one another better and make you individually understand yourself in your relationship.

„To be understood by your partner, to live in deep trust, openness & freedom, makes a relationship worth everything.“

To find purpose and the art of keeping a relationship alive, exciting and fulfilling should result from your inspiration. With my comprehensive consultation and your collaboration we will find new perspectives to process the past, to shape your joint future and to live the present with awareness. To find the right communication is the key to get closer again and to solve conflicts better. The goal is to work and to overcome the conflicts in your relationship. With this deep understanding of your partner you can reach a higher level of development in your relationship.

To think and feel from your partners perspectives makes you understand one another better.
A couple therapy can take about 3 to 9 sessions, every session takes place every 4 weeks. For the time in between you will get some exercises for at home, to create a positiv quality in your relationship. In couple consultation I work with methods out of behavior therapy, meditation and systematic therapy. At the beginning, I suggest that each one of you comes alone to one session, then together.

When you both decide to come to my couple consultation, this could be the first step to get out of stuck structures. It usually one session is enough to name problems and put them out – this is the beginning of a solutions phase.

Be sure – everything can change, also a relationship!

Paartherapie Psychotherapie Stuttgart Luis Kimyon
Paartherapie Psychotherapie Stuttgart Luis Kimyon
Paartherapie Psychotherapie Stuttgart Luis Kimyon
Paartherapie Psychotherapie Stuttgart Luis Kimyon
Paartherapie Stuttgart Psychotherapie Luis Kimyon

„Trust, an open mind, freedom and understanding between two partners is vital for a thriving relationship.“

Your questions
By asking yourself the following questions, you can determine if using couple counseling sessions are sensible for your individual situation and relationship:

– What would happen, if you kept your relationship in the status quo?
– How can I get into a happy relationship?
– What stands in my way to a happy relationship?
– Do you feel like the relationship has come to a halt?
– Do you miss the exciting days and the butterflies?
– Do you have the feeling that your partner doesn’t care about you anymore?
– Do you feel like there is no physical attraction between you anymore?
Does couple counseling help with my problems?

We would gladly help you and offer an initial conversation via phone where we also get to somewhat know each other.

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